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    Short people are closer to the ground and closer to satan

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  • episode 12 of free eternal summer

    • rin: here we are, in australia
    • haru: why are we here
    • rin: *gets bitten by a poisonous spider*
    • haru: *gets mauled by a kangaroo*
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    Free! :: Rei Ryugazaki

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    "Eternal summer spent with you"

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    「posted with artist`s permission 10♡11  by 紺 

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    ha im a piece of trash

    As someone who cares deeply about the environment, I am obligated to pick you up.
    Is seven okay?

    you smooth fucker

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  • The drag queens are the faces of a limited series of concert tees. Starting Sept. 29, Alaska, Courtney Act, and Willam Belli will appear on a line of ‘80s-inspired concert T-shirts for American Apparel. 

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    Is this Hetalia

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  • So students at universities across the US are having issues connecting to Destiny’s online mode (they will get to the home screen, press play, and then get disconnected). Well my boss at the help desk call center contacted Bungie and they pretty much told us ‘it’s your fault, our servers are fine’. So we looked into it and it turns out some of the packets sent from their server appear to be P2P sharing, so my university just cuts the connection. *laughs at nerds but silently cries over lack of PC version*

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    i really only look good in one lighting, complete darkness

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